Alahadupaks - 3rd World Contamination

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Alahadupaks existed from 1992 – 1997, Alahadupaks is a pure raw socio-political punk band from Lucena City, the Quezon province in the Philippines known as the Far South Resistance. The band was Inspired by 80’s and 90’s punk bands like (IOV, GI and THE IDIOTS, BAD OMEN, PHILIPPINE VIOLATORS, etc). In 1995 they released “3rd World Contamination”, a live studio demo tape with 11 songs. The band finally decided to re-release the record again under AKLASAN RECORDS and 4302 RECORDS.

The purpose for releasing ALAHADUPAKS’ 3rd World Contamination is to raise funds for Food Not Bombs Lucena City Philippines.

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