Namatay Sa Ingay - Gera Kontra Droga

Image of Namatay Sa Ingay - Gera Kontra Droga


The 3rd release by NYC Pinoy punks, Namatay Sa Ingay is a concept album about the drug war that began in June 2016 after president Duterte took office. Duterte's campaign promise that he was determined to fulfill. But instead of putting drug lords and corrupt politicians to justice, he started killing the poorest of the poor who were mostly drug users. The police strategy is to shoot them on sight, plant gun and drugs to make it look like they fought. An estimate of more than 20,000 people have died and some of them are our friends and families. This is our answer to the drug war. We still believe that addressing the root cause of poverty is the solution to the problem. We believe that all people can change and we are proof of that. All songs are based on true stories and real life experiences.

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